Tesla will Resume Production in the Chinese Gigafactory Today After the Stop for the Coronavirus

Last week several manufacturers confirmed the temporary stoppage of their production lines in China because of the impact of the coronavirus. A situation that has also affected Tesla. Now the American manufacturer has confirmed that they can restart production today with some preventive measures: “Epidemic prevention measures have been significantly improved around the factory, and a large amount of security was maintained at the gate of the Shanghai factory to maintain order.

Once the non-Tesla employee’s vehicle is parked at the gate of the Gigafactory Shanghai area, relevant security will conduct interrogation and dismissal. Work and parking permits are required to be checked before entering. Before officially entering the factory area, everyone needs to go through another inspection.”

The representatives of Tesla in China have confirmed for their part that some deliveries of the Model 3 manufactured in Shanghai will suffer some delays during February, without specifying specific data.

A situation that will inevitably bring negative consequences such as a delay in deliveries and also the acceleration of the production of a Model 3 made in China that will become one of the fundamental pieces to achieve the benefits in the coming years. This will also gradually expand its production with components from the local market.

Until this unexpected moment caused by the coronavirus, 30% of the fleet was manufactured with materials from Chinese companies. Tesla hoped to expand this figure in the coming months to increase profitability per unit sold. Something that remains to be seen if they manage to complete but that we will undoubtedly see lower quarterly figures than expected at first.

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