Tesla Model S

EPA Denies Elon Musk’s Claims, Says the Tesla Model S Has Not Reached 400 Miles

Just a few weeks ago, the new Tesla Model S Long Range Plus and Model X Long Range Plus saw the light, replacing the previous Model S Long Range and Model X Long Range. These models main improvement is an increase in approved autonomy, which in the Model S goes from 372 miles to 390 miles under the American EPA cycle. The Model X goes from 328 miles to 351 miles.

These improvements were not due to an increase in battery capacity (Tesla currently maintains the original 100 kWh packs) but to a series of software adjustments that increased the efficiency of both cars. Also, in the case of the Model S, the addition of new 19-inch Tempest wheels and aerodynamic design should be mentioned.

However just a few days ago, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, stated that the Model S Long Range Plus is capable of reaching 400 EPA range. According to the executive, the EPA made an error when testing the Model S because after completing the tests, the door was left open and the keys were inside. This caused the car to lose 2% of its load. This negatively affected the final calculation of the vehicle’s range.

Musk also announced that once the current confinement caused by the coronavirus crisis ended, the car would be tested again to rectify its approved autonomy. However, now the EPA itself has contradicted Musk, claiming that there were no errors of any kind during the Model S Long Range Plus homologation tests.

The EPA spokesman has stated the following: “We can confirm that the EPA tested the vehicle correctly, the door was closed, and we will be happy to discuss any technical issues with Tesla, as we typically do with all automakers.”

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