Electric Hummer Will be the End for Gasoline SUVs

After many years of being the flag of the most polluting and meaningless cars, the mythical Hummer has changed sides and has become an absolute nightmare for models with a combustion engine. An all-around equipped EV with off-road capabilities beyond its original model also adds a series of elements that make it an actual meteorite for conventional models.

This weekend the final proposal for the second version of this model was presented, which opts for an SUV-type configuration instead of its brother’s pickup. And this is even better than what the manufacturer had announced so far, which has managed to develop a true beast on wheels capable of taking on sports cars in acceleration and then going down trails searching for adventure.

The Hummer EV SUV will also sit on the Ultium platform. Something that on paper will allow you to access the battery pack with the highest capacity, estimated to reach 200 kWh. A figure with which the manufacturer indicates that it will achieve more than 310 miles with each charge. Undoubtedly an essential aspect for many who will enter isolated areas with more excellent safety, all thanks to autonomy under the EPA cycle still to be certified, which will possibly be placed even above 400 miles.

Another aspect where the electric Hummer SUV will stand out will be its propulsion system. It will have versions with two engines, four-wheel drive, and the devastating three-engine variant, which will become the model’s flag.

The power will reach 841 horsepower. A figure that will allow you not only to move freely through the most challenging areas but also to catapult this mass on wheels from 0 to 62MPH in just 3.5 seconds. Real madness.

To show that we are facing a true off-road vehicle, Hummer has included in the equipment elements such as, specific offroad driving modes, 18-inch wheels with 35-inch tires, armor on the underbody, front limited-slip differential, and even a video system that allows us to see both what precedes us, as well as everything that surrounds us in 360 degrees. We will even have a camera that will show us the bass.

While being a high-performance model, it will also perform well in off-road driving. Thus, there will be no shortage of elements such as the air suspension (which will have an Extract mode capable of improving ground clearance by up to 15.24 extra centimeters to get us out of the most complicated situations) and the famous “Crab Mode” that adds direction at four o’clock wheels that allow lateral movement.

It will also have the Super Cruise self-piloted driving system, which will facilitate travel on secondary roads, but yes, these will have to have been enabled by the manufacturer.

If this were not enough, the electric Hummer will have a recharging system to match the circumstances. Thanks to its 800V architecture, this model will be able to access points of up to 350 kW, which in practice will mean that in a stop of just 10 minutes, we will be able to recover about 100 miles of range.

An alternative that will arrive a year after the pickup version will mean that we will have to wait until early 2023 for deliveries to start. All with a price that will start at $79,995 for the cheapest version.

A model that everything indicates will become a total success. As an example, the first model’s reserves to hit the market, the Edition 1, have been exhausted in a matter of minutes.

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