Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Gears Up for Production

According German reports Tesla Gigafactory Berlin in Grünheide is could start production as early as July or August falling in line perfectly with the EV giant’s timeline of mid-2021. 

Up until this point, Tesla has built everything without a final construction permit, and instead has continued construction progress using temporary permissions while waiting to obtain the final permit.

Companies typically wait until all the paperwork is done and finalized before starting work on site. However, the EV giant needs to start cranking out vehicles in Europe to continue its status as the leader of the electric market, it looks like they are on course while moving at the speed of Tesla.

According to a report from Tesmanian, during  “a meeting of the Brandenburg Committee on Infrastructure and Regional Planning, infrastructure issues related to the opening of Tesla’s factory were discussed” and things are apparently going well.

Should Tesla stick to its original production timeline for Giga Berlin, which it seems like it will, we should be seeing Made-in-Germany Tesla Model Y cars by the end of 2021. Unfortunately we will probably have to wait that long to find out if these new MIG Tesla Model Y vehicles will be initially equipped with Tesla in-house 4680 battery cells or whether they will be integrated later.

Gigafactory Berlin is located in Grünheide, Brandenburg, Germany, near the Berlin. Tesla began preparations for the new Gigafactory in February of last year, while constructions was initiated in with construction started in late May 2020. Tesla Gigafactory Berlin is slated to house the production of the Model 3 and Model Y, as well as batteries (modules/packs) and powertrains.

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