Alpha Motor is Already Taking Reservations for the Electric Wolf

Contrary to the options that are about to hit the market by traditional manufacturers such as General Motors with its GMC Hummer EV or new manufacturers such as Rivian with the R1T, the Alpha Motor proposal does not imply an onerous outlay for those who want a zero-emission truck.

Due to its size of 4765 mm in length by 1930 in width (1,685 declared height), this new truck does not directly rival the pick-ups for sale today. This does not mean that the Wolf is not configured as an exciting option for those who want a lighter, smaller truck.

Alpha Motor Electric Wolf

The reservations of this new model are open with a starting price of US$36,000, and the first deliveries are announced for the year 2023 of a truck that by dimensions could have a great attraction in the market of the old continent.

The interior has only two seats; a capacity adapted to its size contrasts with the North American truck and light truck sector’s gigantism.

This will be a point of distinction of the Alpha Motor Wolf compared to other trucks, both internal combustion and 100% electric, about to hit the market.

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