Rivian Owners to be Paired with Personal “Rivian Guides”

Electric vehicle startup Rivian revealed via Twitter that part of its customer service strategy will include personal Rivian Guides. According to the automaker, each Rivian owner will be paired with their very own Rivian Guide:

When directed to the automaker’s blog, Rivian’s Stories, the automaker explains the benefits linked to your very own, single point contact, Rivian guide. Every Rivan pre-order holder will be paired with a dedicated Rivian Guide that will act as their single point of contact from the moment your vehicle enters production through its entire life with that owner.

Any questions or concerns you may have can be presented to your Rivian Guide who will aid in answering any and all of them without the worry of talking to bots or being transferred a dozen times. According to Rivian: “You will have ‘your person’ for whatever you need.

The guide team will be based inside Rivian’s factory out of Normal, Illinois and its guides are currently undergoing rigorous product and systems training in order to be ready to help in all your EV needs. 

Rivian is slated to begin deliveries of its Launch Edition R1T electric pickup as early as June of this year. Both the R1T and Rivian’s upcoming R1S electric SUV will be flagships for the electric vehicle startup. The Launch Edition R1S is expected to see deliveries in August.

Check out some of the R1T testing footage seen from Rivian leading up to its launch by clicking here. For more information regarding Rivian Guides visit Rivian’s Stories.

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