Alpha Motor Unveils Unexpected All-Electric Pickup Truck

New california-based electric vehicle startup, Alpha Motor has unveiled its contender in the race to see who will bring the first all-electric pickup truck to market. However, if Alpha Motor ended up being the winner it would be damn close to a miracle, its quite an interesting design concept.

With the accelerated adoption of electric mobility, it seems that startups are popping up left and right all over the world, presenting new EV concepts proving that the future can really be electric.

Alpha Motor Corporation entered the automotive scene when unveiling its all-electric ACE Coupe in late 2020. Not much was known about the company but the retro-looking vehicle was attractive enough to snag headlines from some big publications

According to the automakers website: “Alpha is established by experts in automotive, IT, and finance industries with over 100 years of combined experience. The experience and execution track record of Alpha’s leadership empowers the company with refined technical capabilities in electric vehicle development. The company’s stated mission is to Accelerate Innovation for Humanity, an initiative to responsibly design, engineer, and manufacture consumer-friendly electric vehicles.”

As mentioned above, when first entering into the automotive scene in late 2020, not a lot was known about Alpha Motor Corp, and that statement rings true today. Regardless, the company has followed up the ACE coupe with a two-door electric pickup truck dubbed the Electric Wolf that showcases a design we have yet to see:

The specs for the Electric Wolf are as follows according to the automaker:
Range – 250-275+ miles 
Drive – Dual Motor 4WD, Single Motor FWD Drive
Acceleration – 6.2s 0-60mph
Towing Capacity – 1360kg (3000lbs)
Rapid Charger
Battery Cooler

Length – 4765mm (188in)
Width – 1930mm (76in)
Height– 1685mm (66in)
Truck Bed – 1652mm (65in) X 1490mm (59in) X 397mm (16in) Wheels – 16”-18”
LED Signature Headlights
Daytime Running Lights

Seating – 2 Passengers
Cargo – 34.5 cu ft
Digital Display For Driver
Wide Format Center Display
Premium Seat and Trim Material
Bluetooth Connectivity
Premium Sound System

The Electric Wolf is expected to come with a starting price of $36,000 before incentives.

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