Tesla Goes on Late Night Price Adjusting Spree

According to Tesla’s website, the California-based startup has adjusted the prices of its electric vehicles overnight. Going off the information provided by Tesla’s configurator, the EV giant has increased prices on its cheapest and most expensive electric vehicles.

Just three weeks ago, Tesla made price adjustments to the Model 3 and Model Y, and clearly was not done as more changes can be seen after a sneaky overnight adjustment.

Tesla increased the price of its cheapest vehicle, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, by $500. In return, Tesla is now offering the Model 3 Long Range AWD for $500 less. You can now purchase a Model 3 Standard Range Plus for $37,490, up from $36,990, a Model 3 Long Range AWD $46,490 instead of $46,990, while the price for the Model 3 Performance stayed the same.

The new Model S prices remained the same for the most part as it was recently unveiled in January. However, the Tesla Model S Plaid+ received a substantial price increase of $10,000. While the Model S Long Range AWD and Model S Plaid can still be purchased at $79,990 and $119,990, respectively, the Tesla Model S Plaid+ went from $139,990 to $149,990.

As mentioned above the new refreshed Model S was recently unveiled and received a price increases upon reservations opening. However, with the refresh, the Model S Performance became Plaid and Tesla introduced the new Plaid +. which isn’t expected to go into production until late this year.

So far, no changes have been made to the prices of the Model Y and Model X, but maybe they’re waiting until midnight again as not to make a fuss.

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