VIDEO: GMC Hummer EV is LeBron James Approved

Newly announced GMC Hummer EV ambassador, LeBron James starred in a new promotional video featuring the upcoming all-electric truck. The video, posted to GMC’s YouTube channel, doesn’t show us LeBron driving the EV, but rather him taking in the “beast” and all its glory.

Although the video shows practically the same things we saw in GMC’s first video, its still pretty cool to see the preproduction Edition 1 prototype again.

As mentioned above LeBron James has been named GMC’s ambassador for the upcoming electric truck so we hope to see him driving it at some time. Unfortunately, this new video is not that time. He talks about driving the Hummer EV in the video, but leaves us high and dry with no ‘froading action. The basketball star states: ”You know, GMC should be extremely proud of themselves of the build of this beast. The details inside and the exterior are second to none.” 

In the video, GMC notes that initial availability is Fall 2021, however the first available and most expensive version is the Edition 1 model which GMC already announced sold out in a matter of minutes. The Hummer EV 3X is slated to be the next available model but won’t be available until Fall of next year. The Hummer EV 3X comes with a starting price of $99,995, followed by the more affordable Hummer EV 2X and 2 models starting at $89,995 and $79,995 respectively. The Hummer EV 2X is expected to be available in Fall of 2023 while the Hummer EV 2 is expected Fall of 2024. 

Check out the full video from GMC, featuring NBA all-star Lebron James, down below:

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