Tesla Adapts Promotional Test Drives to Pandemic Norms

When someone is interested in buying a car, the most normal thing is to decide on a selection after an internet search. Once this selection is made, it is time to test the vehicle. Something that for many users is a problem when the social distance is essential to stop the coronavirus’s spread. A situation that Tesla has perfectly understood, and joins the list of brands that offer their vehicles’ tests without having to go to a dealer or lock up in an office.

When this service is available in the United States, the operation could not be easier. Customers will undoubtedly appreciate this aspect in these times.

The user will have to request her interest on the Tesla page conventionally. Once the registration is completed, the customer will receive a code on their phone to unlock their car.

Once they have the code and the place and date of the transfer have been specified, the client will simply have to go to the selected location, and the car will be remotely unlocked so that the client can access and start the vehicle and perform the test.

One of the places where these actions are being carried out is the Supercharger station in Kettleman City, California, where the customer can pick up and recharge the vehicle without the need for any Tesla employee’s presence.

A simple and at the same time very advanced format, which not only allows car tests to be carried out without having to go to a dealership physically, but also reduces the number of employees the company needs to carry out these commercial actions. Something that translates into financial savings.

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