Lexus Plans New Electric SUV on Shared e-TNGA Platform

In December of last year, Subaru announced it would unveil a mid-size electric SUV during the first half of 2021. The new SUV, now known as the Evoltis, will sit on the new, highly versatile e-TNGA platform shared with Toyota. Although Toyota has yet to reveal its version, we are now learning there will be another mid-size electric SUV based on the e-TNGA architecture, this one from Lexus.

During an interview with Automotive News, chairman of the Lexus National Dealer Advisory Council, John Iacono, spoke about the accelerated adoption of electric vehicles and Lexus’s plans to get on board: “With the EV market as it is right now, there’s really one player out there that is absorbing all of the opportunities. I believe that market is growing and will continue to grow, and that EVs are the wave of the future. How fast do we get to volumes that are going to get the attention of the industry holistically I don’t know. I do know that we have one coming in.”

It pretty apparent Iacono was referring to Tesla when speaking of the “one player out there that is absorbing all of the opportunities” the EV market has to offer. However, Iacono casually slipped in confirmation that a new electric Lexus is coming. Iacono even admitted to seeing its potential design: “I personally with other Lexus dealers have gotten a glimpse of what that might look like when — not if, when — it comes to Lexus, and I believe that it has put a smile on our face, that we’re going to have a player in a market. That’s very important to me, personally, in New York City. I can’t tell you how happy I am that we have something coming.”

No other information was given regarding the new electric Lexus SUV. We will update this article as more details are obtained. 

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