Hyundai Blames Electric Kona Fires on LG Batteries Defects

The latest information from the Hyundai Motor’s Namyang Research Institute indicates that they have found specific problems with the batteries that equip the electric Kona that have been recalled.

After the different investigations carried out after the incidents and fires of various electric Kona occurred, the research institute has detected problems with these electric cars’ batteries.

Business Korea reported, “We have found a defect in the cells of the lithium-ion batteries,” as quoted by the Korean media from an anonymous official of the institute itself.

The Korean media’s anonymous source adds that “LG Energy Solution officials visited the institute to confirm this finding.”

According to these findings, for Hyundai, the cause of the incidents and dangerous fires produced in its cars is due to a defect in a component such as the batteries that the Korean manufacturer buys from LG Energy Solution.

Despite the car manufacturer’s assertion, the battery manufacturer refutes the report which they describe as “far from the truth”, since LG indicates they “can not confirm the discovery reported by the institute of the defects in the battery”.

One of the fires may be due to an item that neither Hyundai nor LG makes; the battery separator. If this is ultimately the cause, the battery manufacturer threatens to “demand compensation from the separator manufacturer”.

For its part, Hyundai announces that “we are actively cooperating, together with our partners, in an investigation being carried out by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MLIT)”.

The Korean builder announces that they are considering “taking action” given the seriousness of events.

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