Hyundai’s Extensive Electric Range Prepared by Genesis is Here

Tomorrow, Hyundai will present the first member of its new IONIQ electric sub-brand, the long-awaited IONIQ 5 family SUV. This model will be of great importance for the Korean group, as it will be in charge of launching the new E-GMP modular platform, developed from scratch for 100% electric cars.

This architecture will also come later to the other two brands of the company, KIA and Genesis. However, not all future electric launches of the group will use the E-GMP platform since, in parallel, they will continue to offer adapted thermal models. This solution has proven its competitiveness through successful products such as the Hyundai Kona Electric or the KIA e- Niro.

The recent leak from the patent office of the nomenclature system of the future electric range of Genesis highlights this double strategy: on the one hand, the premium firm will offer electric versions of its current combustion models; and on the other, it will also have standalone electric cars developed from scratch as such.

Six trade names have been registered: Genesis G70e, Genesis G80e, Genesis G90e, Genesis GV70e, Genesis GV80e, and Genesis GV90e. These names are derived from those currently used by the Genesis thermal range, adding a simple “e” at the end. All of them (G70, GV70, G80, GV80, G90…) are already known, except the GV90, an unpublished model yet to be presented.

Genesis G70, whose electric version G70e should rival the Tesla Model 3, would give Genesis a presence in six premium categories of great importance: segment D (G70e, family saloon), segment D-SUV (GV70e, family SUV), segment E (G80e, executive saloon), segment E-SUV (GV80e, Executive SUV), segment F (G90, representative saloon) and segment F-SUV (G90e, representative SUV).

It is striking that the name of the electric crossover that Genesis is developing on the E-GMP platform does not appear in the list of denominations. Located in the C segment (compact), this model known by the internal code “JW EV” has probably not been registered at the same time as its range brothers because it is not derived from a thermal model.

Following the Genesis nomenclature system, this vehicle should be christened G60e or GV60e (being a crossover, it is not clear whether the brand will market it as a compact or as an SUV); however, as it is a different product, it may receive a completely different name from the rest of the company’s electrical family.

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