Hyundai is Not Done Dealing With Fires After Updated Kona EV Ignites

After news broke that Hyundai was going to voluntarily recall over 25,000 units of the Kona Electric in South Korea due to fire risks, that number quickly multiplied causing the recall to spread internationally. The fires were connected to a possible short circuit caused by faulty manufacturing of the Kona EVs high-voltage battery cells. The recall included a software update to correct the issue.

Now we have learned that a vehicle that already received the software update caught fire in Daegu on January 23, leading Korean authorities to question whether or not the recall was effective.

Hyundai did not end eating the high cost of replacing defective battery packs as the automaker said it did not see anything wrong with the components in South Korea, unlike its current investigation regarding Kona EV fires in Canada. However, the Kona EV is still presenting with the same issues and no resolution, as the Hyundai’s current safety campaign was clearly not enough of one. The organization in charge of fire investigations, the Korea Testing & Research Institute, will continue to try and find out the cause of the EV fires. 

Hyundai is currently facing a class-action lawsuit in South Korea following the recall of its Kona Electric. According to a report from Reuters, 200 displeased customers have joined the lawsuit looking to acquire depreciation compensations, alleging that the recall caused prices for the all-electric subcompact SUV to drastically drop. LG Energy Solution supplies battery packs for both the Kona Electric well as GM’s Chevrolet Bolt, which is also currently dealing massive recalls due to potential fire risk

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