Charge Your EV for FREE in CA Thanks to Electrify America

Electrify America has opened 30 solar EV charging stations in 24 rural California communities. The electric vehicle DC fast charging network also announced they are free to customers.

The free stations which are run by clean energy, may not be ultrafast but are equipped with off-grid, standalone level 2 chargers. Time and weather won’t raise any issues with these chargers as energy storage is built into the stations meaning they are always useable, making them not only affordable (free, duh) but also great for public access.

San-Diego based clean tech company, formerly known as Envision Solar, Beam Global manufactured the 30 free charging stations in California.

The stations can be located throughout Southern California’s rural Central Valley and inland areas. Two thirds of the chargers can be found at health care centers as Electrify America believes them to be perfect charging points thanks to their hours of access and high levels of traffic.

According to Electrify America: “Locations were selected after further analyzing communities with the greatest need for charging, existing charging options, and local travel patterns, among other factors.”

Electrify America has plans to install or be in the process of installing at least 800 charging stations in the US by the end of the year including around 3,500 DC fast chargers.

You can locate an Electrify America charger by clicking here.

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