Electrify America Expands To 100 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations In California

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Network provides EV drivers with access to more than 400 individual public chargers at 100 locations across the state; continues long-term investments

SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Drivers across the state of California now have access to 100 Electrify America EV charging stations, making it easier than ever to power up their electric vehicles on the go. The network opened its milestone 100th station to the public this February, formally announcing the accomplishment at today’s Veloz ‘Electric Transportation 2030’ forum.

Electrify America opened its first EV charging station in California to the public in November 2018, at the Country Hills Shopping Plaza in Torrance. Fifteen months later, its ultra-fast brand-neutral charging network now offers charging locations spanning the full length of the state, from San Diego to Crescent City. The Sacramento region is home to 14 of those stations with 64 individual chargers.

“We have made significant progress in our efforts to provide greater access to quality EV charging infrastructure across the state of California,” said Giovanni Palazzo, president and chief executive officer of Electrify America. “With the supportive guidance of the California Air Resources Board and ongoing collaboration with public and private stakeholders, we will continue to make thoughtful investments in zero emission vehicle infrastructure and educational initiatives to promote electric driving and help the state move closer to achieving its long-term environmental goals.”

California is one of the largest markets in the world for zero emission vehicles (ZEVs), and Electrify America’s local investments in infrastructure and education programs are designed to support the state’s steadily increasing adoption of EV technology. Electrify America is in the middle of its second $200 million investment in the state; the company is committed to a total investment of $800 million over a ten year period.

A strong emphasis is placed on how Electrify America’s efforts in the state can benefit low-income and disadvantaged communities. In the San Joaquin Valley, a region with some of the worst air quality and most severe poverty in the nation, Electrify America’s funding helped Valley Clean Air Now triple their average annual adoption rate of plug-in vehicles via the Clean Cars 4 All vehicle replacement program. Just last week, Electrify America announced its plans to deploy 100% solar-powered Level 2 chargers across rural areas of California to increase access to EV charging.

“Electrify America is paving the way for the millions of new battery electric vehicles that will be hitting the roads of California in the next few years,” said Mary D. Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). “Whether you own a car, hail a ride, or take a bus, this 100th station spells out a welcome to all to be part of the zero emissions transportation revolution.”

Palazzo and Nichols are both on the agenda for today’s forum on the future of electric cars. Fittingly, the event takes place in Sacramento, which holds the designation of Electrify America’s first ‘Green City.’ The Green City ‘Sac-to-Zero’ initiative announced in 2017 strives to provide greater access to ZEV technology among low-income and disadvantaged communities.

“I’m thankful to partner with Electrify America on AB 2168 and to support the Sac-to-Zero initiative, both of which work towards our state’s goal of five million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2030,” said Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, who represents California’s 7th Assembly District, which includes Sacramento. “The Sac-to-Zero initiative will help clean up our air and provide economic benefits throughout the Sacramentoregion.” AB 2168 is legislation introduced by Assemblymembers McCarty, Chiu, and Reyes to accelerate the installation of EV charging stations in California.

Prior to the Veloz forum, Palazzo and Nichols made a brief stop at the Electrify America charging station located at the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) located at 16th and L streets in downtown Sacramento. As the 12th Electrify America station installed in California, opened in May 2019, this location is a reminder of the great strides that have been made in increasing EV infrastructure across the state.

“Our members are dedicated to maintaining our commitment to a cleaner future for California consumers, businesses and our environment through activities and partnerships like the ones we continue to cultivate with Electrify America and state agencies such as CARB,” said Brian Maas, president of CNCDA. “California’s franchised new car dealers are proud to be an integral part of Electrify America’s progress toward reaching their 100th California EV charging station and look forward to continued progress for the good of all Californians.”

Electrify America’s investments in California include:

  • EV CHARGING SOLUTIONS – Electrify America continues to focus on bringing reliable, convenient, and brand-neutral EV charging infrastructure to locations across the state. In addition to providing ultra-fast chargers in heavily trafficked areas with high concentrations of EVs, the company is also responding to the need to provide innovative charging options that meet the needs of rural communities and lessen the impact on the local electrical grid. 

Electrify America’s ‘Sac-to-Zero’ investments in Sacramento include: 

  • CAR SHARING – Electrify America has invested in ZEV car share services within the city of Sacramento which complement each other with different service areas while providing the same easy access. 
  • ZEV BUS/SHUTTLE SERVICES – Electrify America invested in a ZEV bus and an on-demand micro-shuttle service, both anticipated to begin offering service to local residents in April 2020. To support powering the fleets, Electrify America is installing charging stations with ultra-fast chargers. 

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