Zoox’s Electric 4-Steering Wheel Autonomous Taxi of the Future

Zoox is a startup owned by Amazon that a few weeks ago presented an advanced concept that seeks to get fully into the race to launch a level 5 autonomous car. An exciting proposal that now shows us its capabilities in a video for the first time.

In this sequence, we can see how the practical operation of this proposal will be. A compact model, just 3.63 meters long, manages to make the most of this measure thanks to the absence of space for the driver and its rectangular design. A design that allows it to accommodate four comfortable occupants and enable you to move with great ease in the big cities’ chaotic traffic, where you can make the most of its functions such as its four steering wheels.

The Zoox has a 133 kWh battery, one of the largest available so far in an electric car. The manufacturer indicates this concept can operate uninterruptedly for up to 16 hours on a single charge, and of course, continuously fully autonomous thanks to its level 5.

Something that adds to its designers’ priority of taking the utmost care of its occupants is adding a series of security measures that complement the same set of elements that make up the autonomous system. To do this, they have developed an airbag system capable of protecting the four occupants, regardless of the direction of travel in which they are moving.

The startup has confirmed that they are testing these autonomous vehicles in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Foster City. The idea of this project is to compete with Lyft and Uber starting in 2022.

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