BMW Cancels Compact Electric i1 Due to Profitability Issues

2021 will be a year of great importance for BMW in the electric car sector, as the Bavarian firm is scheduled to launch two key models within its “i” range: the i4, a sporty car called to compete against the successful Tesla Model 3, and the iX, an executive SUV that will become its technological flagship.

Together with the recently launched iX3, these two cars will represent the second generation of BMW’s electric range born in 2013 with the already veteran i3. For years, this small minivan was the only representative of the company in the sector of the electric car. Although the i3 will remain on sale until 2024, BMW had indirectly replaced it with two complementary models.

One of them would be the compact SUV iX1, derived from the well-known combustion X1. This vehicle, which should reach the market between 2022 and 2023, will be in charge of standing up to the recently presented Mercedes-Benz EQA. The other heir to the i3 would be the i1, an electric version of the Series 1 compact hatchback. However, everything seems to indicate that its launch has been canceled.

According to some German specialized media, the i1 is no longer a priority for BMW due to too high development and production costs and low profitability; furthermore, it would have little appeal in high-volume markets due to its body type as China or the United States.

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