Amazon and Apple Music Added as In-Car Music Services for Tesla EVs

Tesla plans to go even further than Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as far as media playback inside its vehicles by integrating Apple Music and Amazon Music as new in-car music services.

Tesla has already integrated Spotify into its vehicles and early last month pushed a new software update to its fleet with Spotify app improvements. CEO Elon Musk also recently said Tesla would add Tidal to its integrated music services. Thanks to infamous Tesla hacker “green,” we are now learning that the automaker will also aim to integrate Apple Music and Amazon Music into its vehicles.

In a recent software update, “green” spotted early versions of the integration in Tesla’s user interface:

Interestingly enough, several new media sources are visible, including Amazon Music, Amazon-owned Audible, and Apple Music:

If this is in fact the case, which it appears to be, the integration should allow Tesla owners to link their music streaming accounts with said services to their cars and use the the car’s interface instead of their phones.

There’s no timeline indicated regarding the integration, but “green” noted that the Tidal seems to be the furthest into development.

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