Toyota Will Use the BZ Designation in Its Electric Cars

Between 2021 and 2025, Toyota plans to launch six electric cars based on the new e-TNGA modular platform. It has been leaked that these models will receive a nomenclature system based on the Toyota BZ trade name. So far, the Japanese firm has registered a total of 10 names for its electric range.

Thus, the firm has registered both the Toyota BZ brand and the Toyota BZ1, Toyota BZ2, Toyota BZ3, Toyota BZ4, Toyota BZ5, Toyota BZ1X, Toyota BZ2X, Toyota BZ3X, Toyota BZ4X, and Toyota BZ5X models. Expect the BZ to be conventional passenger cars and the BZ-X SUVs, while the numbers will refer to the vehicle’s size.

On the other hand, the name Toyota BZ4X Concept, corresponding to a prototype, has also been registered. Considering that the first model of the BZ range will be launched next year, an SUV similar in size to the RAV4 jointly developed with Subaru, it is expected that this concept car will correspond to a preview of said car.

The automotive market is divided into six categories (segment A, segment B, segment C, segment D, segment E, and segment F). Considering that Toyota is unlikely to launch an electric in the elite F segment (representation saloons), possibly each number corresponds to a category, which would mean that the BZ4X will be a D-SUV, something that fits with the information that indicates its equivalence with the RAV4.

The Toyota BZ4X, like its brother Subaru Evoltis, will have an intelligent all-wheel-drive system thanks to the use of two electric motors. Both models will have very characteristic proportions, a very short hood, an extended wheelbase, and a relatively low height.

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