Tesla Shot at Several Times While Driving on the Road

During an incident that occurred on a highway in Nashville, Tennessee, a driver aboard an SUV fired his weapon at a Tesla Model 3 that had previously overtaken him a few meters behind, according to the owner of the vehicle that was shot.

Miraculously and fortunately, there were no injuries. Still, there were damages to the car, although these are almost irrelevant due to the danger and terror caused by such a situation that must have affected the Tesla owner.

The car received at least four bullet wounds, two in the driver’s door and two in the rear. All the hits were received on the left side of the vehicle. The owner reported on Reddit the damage suffered by providing photographs of the bullets received.

Two hits directed at the driver’s door were stopped by the door lock mechanism, while one of the rear door bullet hits was stopped by the window motor, the second penetrated the passenger compartment through the door until it got to the back seat.

The dramatic situation could have ended the occupant’s life since the bullets reached the interior of the Tesla Model 3.

Thanks to Tesla’s real-time image recording system, the electric car owner was able to record everything that happened, subsequently publishing the incident on Reddit, within a section where the owners of the Californian brand upload the most ‘original’ videos captured by their cars.

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