JAC and CBAK Energy Enter Agreement to Develop 46800 Battery Cells

According to new reports, JAC Motors, along with Chinese lithium-ion cell manufacturer, CBAK Energy have entered a strategic agreement to jointly developing cylindrical lithium-ion batteries and battery packs. The collaboration will including a 46800 model, which is strikingly reminiscent of Tesla’s tabless 4680 cells.

JAC is one of the largest automakers in its home country, China. The previously state-owned company is now under Volkswagen leadership as the German automaker holds 75% of its shares, essentially meaning Volkswagen will head developing the new 46800 cells with CBAK Energy. However, JAC currently builds cars for Nio, meaning Nio could also utilize the new 46800 batteries.

CBAK Energy Technology specializes in lithium batteries for electric vehicles, light electric vehicles, energy storage, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) among other products. In 2006, it became the first lithium battery manufacturer in China listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market and has multiple operating subsidiaries as well as a research and development and production based in China.

According to the press release, the agreement will be valid for three years, but it did not disclose whether or not the new 46800 cells from JAC and CBAK will be tabless. If they are in fact tabless like the ones Tesla unveiled during its Battery Day event last September, it should accelerate the manufacturing process. It would seem a little odd to produce a regular 46800 cell after Tesla unveiled its tabless version leading us to believe there is more to this strategic agreement than what has been released.

Furthermore, the two companies will also establish a joint research and development team that will design, test, and enhance the adaptability of their new products in electric vehicles. 

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