Cadillac’s First All-Electric Model to be Unveiled Thursday August 6

Cadillac is preparing to unveil its first all-electric model, the Lyriq. General Motors’ luxury Cadillac crossover is due to be unveiled this Thursday, August 6th.

Cadillac has been a top competitor in the luxury vehicle market but has lost market share to others, including BMW and Mercedes, over the years. With GM counting on Cadillac to expand its push into electric vehicles, the stakes are particularly high.

As The Next Avenue reported last week, GM released a few images of The Lyriq highlighting its charging port and futuristic lighting designs. The Lyriq will be the first vehicle from GM that uses its new Ultium battery system.

Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds analyst, says it will be a “challenging launch for Cadillac” adding “although other aspirational luxury brands have already taken a pass at the [electric vehicle] space with electric SUV variants, no other automaker besides Tesla has tasted the joy of success in terms of sales and demand.” Caldwell also stated “If Cadillac does it right and can get consumers to view the Lyriq as competitive with Tesla and other European luxury brands, this could help give the brand a push in the right direction.” 

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