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Tesla’s True FSD will Require More Advanced Hardware

Tesla has just applied to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to use a new “millimeter wave radar” as reported by the Electrek portal.

Tesla is preparing to update the sensors that equip its vehicles, to give a quality leap in the capacities and levels of assistance that its electric cars can offer.

According to Electrek, the Palo Alto-based manufacturer has applied for approval of a “vehicle millimeter-wave radar sensor” to be used on public roads and streets in the United States: “The Equipment Under Test (EUT) it was a vehicle millimeter-wave radar sensor operating in the 60 GHz band (60-64 GHz). ‘

The hardware upgrade is inevitable if you want to achieve a level 5 of autonomous driving. The new radar, especially if it is the Phoenix from Arbe Robotics, will allow Tesla to acquire new functions previously impossible for this technology that offer new developments and improvements in the vehicle environment’s perception.

Tesla shows that its vehicles’ current hardware can be further improved and that when authentic autonomous driving level 5 arrives, it may be under more evolved equipment than that currently offered.

We are not saying that current vehicles cannot benefit from this technology and software, as beta FSD equipped cars in the United States demonstrate. But the reality is that the constant evolution of Tesla implies that, gradually, without having to present a new car each year, its models evolve to the sound of improvements, sometimes aesthetic and soon technological.

It is unknown if the Model Y manufactured in the Giga Berlin for all of Europe equates from the beginning to the new millimeter-wave radar and greater range concerning the current one.

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