New Data and Images of the Electric Delivery Van Rivian is Developing for Amazon: It Will Hit the Market in 2021

Amazon has published in its blog a video and a series of images that show more details of the new electric van, which apparently will begin production in 2021 (we understand that after the SUV R1S). According to Amazon’s global fleet and products director, Ross Rachey: “We are trying to build the most sustainable transport fleet in the world. It must also be the most functional, the highest performance and the safest”.

Amazon’s massive request to Rivian is part of The Climate Pledge commitment, through which the company adhered to the Paris Climate Agreement to meet its objectives ten years earlier than stipulated (the Agreement points to the year 2050, while Amazon says that by 2040 it will be a company free of emissions).

The van developed by Rivian, which still has no name, does not show off the brand logo on the front, but the Amazon “Prime” designation, which leads us to think that just like the Lincoln SUV, Rivian will be in charge of manufacturing a complete model for another company that will show it to the world as its vehicle.

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