Lordstown Motors Boasts the “Most Robust Platform”

You’re about to see the most robust skateboard deck ever conceived or built. With this assurance, the North American manufacturer Lordstown Motors presents the electric truck’s base (pick-up) that will soon hit the market.

Lordstown is one of the brands that has opted for a completely electric pick-up that renounces the traditional electric motors, which transmit the propulsion using bearings to the wheels. The option proposed by the brand for its new truck will have four electric motors located inside the wheels.

The fully operational Alpha chassis configuration that stars in the video equips 4 motors that add up to a power of 440 kW. Lordstown Motors CEO Steve Bruns praises the qualities of his “most robust skateboard deck ever conceived or built.”

At the wheel of the Alpha version of its chassis sits the CEO of the company himself, who subjects the prototype to harsh tests on the track and off it, in quite adverse conditions that differ from the typical highly aesthetic images to which we are used to.

In the ordeal, the snow, the mud, and the water do not prevent Steve Bruns from exploiting the future truck’s capabilities. At the same time, he suffers in his own body the consequences of rolling with the platform naked, without any bodywork.

The Lordstown Endurance will have an electric motor in each wheel, giving it an all-wheel-drive and top-notch performance and OTA upgrades. Its estimated autonomy is more than 250 miles EPA.

The battery in this truck is 109 kWh. The electric car will have a standard household outlet inside to connect tools or other devices. The power announced by the manufacturer is 600 hp. The declared maximum speed, self-limited, will be 80 MPH.

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