Lordstown Performs the First Tests of its Endurance Electric Pick-up

The Lordstown Endurance will have an electric motor on each wheel, giving it all-wheel-drive and top-notch performance. Its estimated autonomy is about 320 km EPA. Although this figure is lower than that of rivals such as the Rivian R1T, the truth is that the Endurance will compensate it at a very competitive price. According to the manufacturer, the vehicle will start at $ 52,500, a very competent figure even compared to traditional picks-up.

Even though most of the vehicle’s technical characteristics are unknown, Lordstown has released the first teaser of one of the Endurance Alpha prototypes. The clip, which shows us the pick-up wholly covered in camouflage so as not to reveal its final aesthetics, is the first installment in a series of advances that the brand will be publishing throughout April.


The aim of Lordstown with this video is to show the response of the Endurance all-wheel-drive system when facing a slope with a wet track. A situation in which the vehicle must correctly calibrate the torque applied to each of the wheels. “I wanted to play on the wet track and see how the Endurance responded. I was pleased to see how easily the pick-up recovered from the induced slip. I loved the feeling of control and responsiveness throughout the maneuver. What a thrill!” Says Lordstown CEO Steve Burns.

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