Boring Company’s Loop Approved by Las Vegas City Council

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has received approval by the Las Vegas City Council for a citywide Loop system with Tesla vehicles.

The Loop system developed by the Boring company will transport people within the city using Tesla autonomous electric vehicles that will travel through tunnels at high speeds between stations.

The first Loop system will be deployed at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCVA), which is paying $50 million for the system. According to the Boring Company, the initial Loop will eventually become apart of a city-wide loop in Las Vegas that connects to popular casinos on the Las Vegas strip. 

The 10-mile long-tunnel system will go from the McCarran airport to the Fremont Street experience and will make stops at all major resorts along the strip.

The Boring Company has already been approved for expansions to two separate casinos. The network will be built out of the existing Loop system at the convention center.

Bloomberg reported today that the Las Vegas City Council unanimously voted to approve the citywide expansion: “On Wednesday, the Las Vegas City Council voted unanimously to advance plans to dramatically expand Musk’s Loop project from a convention center transit system to a citywide network that would include hotels and, one day, potentially even the airport.”

Here’s a map of the planned Boring Company Loop:

Boring Company president, Steve Davis, used the approval meeting to disclose that no public money is going to be used to finance the project. The the cost of the main tunnels will be covered by the company, while the stations and tunnels that extend from the main tunnels will be paid for by the casinos.

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