Tesla Prepares to Expand its German Gigafactory

Last week we learned that Tesla had changed its mind about producing batteries at its European factory. A rectification possibly motivated by the ambitious program of aid from the German government, which has facilitated this change in the planning of the Americans.

Now we know new rumors about this aspect, and also from a reasonably reliable source. This is the Minister of Economy of the Brandenburg State, Jörg Steinbach, who, in a statement, has indicated that Tesla will have a completely new technology for its batteries made in Germany and that they will have a higher energy density, smaller size, which will allow greater autonomies.

These batteries will be manufactured in one of the future expansion areas of the Grünheide plant, near Berlin, which covers 300 hectares. An expansion that has been confirmed by Elon Musk himself during the presentation of results last quarter, where in addition to indicating that the Model 3 and Model Y will be manufactured at this location, batteries will also be produced.

The battery production lines should be part of the second stage of expansion of the plant, which means that they are not part of the current factory permits currently available to the public and that the State Environment Agency is checking for approval.

This means that for the expansion of the new facilities, Tesla will have to present new permits that will have to be reviewed and approved by local authorities. A green light will depend on the environmental impact reports that the American brand will have to present.

One of the main obstacles will be water. The planned expansion of the factory goes beyond the initially requested size. This means that the already severe problems Tesla is having in receiving the necessary permits will be multiplied with the incorporation of a production facility of batteries.

According to local media, to meet the needs of this massive facility, the state will have to carry out a 60-kilometer pipeline water supply from the groundwater reservoirs in the Pohlitz area, south of Frankfurt. Something that will again have to be reviewed with future factory expansions.

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