VW Close to Exceeding Emission Limits and Getting 275 Million Fine

The Volkswagen Group had relied on the launch of the ID.3 to comply with the limits of polluting emissions in Europe. A goal that has not finally been achieved by significantly littler will entail a significant fine.

The agreement to purchase emissions from the Chinese manufacturer MG. An alliance that would have allowed it to reduce its figures a few tenths and minimize fines somewhat.

And it is that finally, Volkswagen will have to pay a total of 275 million euros. A figure that is not very high for the numbers handled by the German manufacturer, but that comes when revenues have fallen significantly due to the pandemic’s impact. For example, the 1.498 million euros of cash flow between January and September 2020, which is 83.5% less than in the same period of 2019.

The brand’s situation will be punctual since they hope that from 2021 the expansion of its family of electric cars will allow them to meet Europe’s emission targets.

But the big question now is what will happen to manufacturers that are worse off than Volkswagen. If we take a look at the classification published at the end of the third quarter, we see that the Volkswagen group is the fourth starting from the tail. So others will have it more difficult.

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