VW ID.5 will Arrive in 2023 with 435 Miles of Autonomy

Volkswagen is launching its new electric family. A range that has started with the compact ID.3, which will have its extension with the SUV ID.4 in a few days, will continue to expand its variety with proposals such as the future ID.5. A sedan that will come to replace the Passat, and about which we know new and exciting details.

The ID.5 will be a saloon that will feature both a sedan and a family body (Shooting Brake). Aesthetically it will be derived from the ID prototypes Vizzion and ID. Space Vizzion, and will be manufactured at the German Emden plant where the Passat is currently produced. A proposal that will stand out in addition to not being an SUV, for having a size similar to the Passat itself, but with an interior that will be similar in space to the Phaeton.

According to the British magazine Autocar, Volkswagen has continued to evolve the proposal of a model that will hit the market in 2023 and will do so accompanied by a mechanical configuration that is up to the task.

It will have a rear-wheel-drive configuration and a single-engine, which will accelerate to 62mph in about 8 seconds and somewhat more performance with two engines and four-wheel drive capable of reaching 62mph in 5.6 seconds. There will also be a more radical version, which will have more power and carry the name GTX.

As for the batteries, Volkswagen has not confirmed the capacities, but it is expected to replicate the rest of the MEB models’ configurations, with a pack of 84 kWh in its version with more capacity will take you up to 435 miles of autonomy. A somewhat optimistic figure that possibly requires a battery with a higher capacity should be around 100 kWh.

One of the aspects where Volkswagen is working the most is recharging. According to internal sources, the ID.5 will have a somewhat more evolved system, which will allow it to access powers of up to 200 kW. A system that will enable you to, in a socket capable of offering that power, of recovering some 142 miles of autonomy in just 10 minutes.

A crucial section in a type of vehicle designed to travel will benefit from the high efficiency of the fast charging system developed by Volkswagen.

Now there are two years ahead until the arrival of the new member of the Volkswagen electric family.

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