Porsche Cargo Trucks for Turbocharging

As part of its Taycan promotion program, Porsche is holding events in places such as various circuits. Something that allows guests to get the most out of the German electric sedan. However, at the same time, this poses a challenge when it comes to offering the necessary recharging for these mobile fleets. Something that Porsche has solved with a truck equipped with a gigantic battery and impressive charging power.

One example we have seen in an event recently organized by Porsche at the Hungaroring circuit in Budapest. In this, the German manufacturer offered customers the opportunity to test the Taycan between the Hungarian circuit curves.

The challenge is to offer the necessary recharge for these events where about 20 Taycan units can be collected. A challenge in many places where the local infrastructure does not always provide an alternative has motivated those in Stuttgart to solve it in a more than striking way.

It is a truck developed by the company “ads-tec.” A German company that has designed a patented charging system and storage base, which turns trucks into mobile units to supply electricity.

The technical specifications of these trailers speak for themselves. With a rated power of 3.2 megawatts, ten Taycan can be charged simultaneously at full speed. The storage unit has a capacity of 2.1 MWh, which means it can power up to 30 Taycan batteries in total.

This huge battery is charged, according to Porsche, with renewable sources. For example, during a three-week customer event in Portimao’s Portuguese city in November 2019, the power came directly from nearby photovoltaic systems. Trucks can be loaded very quickly; ideally, it takes just four hours to reach full capacity.

“We have used the trucks at numerous events across Europe and carried out around 5,000 loading operations, sometimes in extreme temperatures of minus 40 degrees. Its performance and good operation are more than proven, ”says Ragnar Schulte, Director of Marketing Experiences at Porsche.

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