AC Cobra Series 4 Electric: Old Legends Never Die

One of the cars that have generated the most passions for decades comes back to life in an electric format to face a new era without losing the past’s essence and magic. The AC Cobra returns as the protagonist to the roads and circuits without mobility restrictions, thanks to its new 100% electric version.

AC Cars adapts a motorsport classic that has been synonymous with uncompromising sportsmanship over the years. The mix of one of the most beautiful designs ever, with extreme performance and driving feel, reserved only for purists, have been hallmarks of this roadster since its inception.

The British company’s proposal raises the legendary two-seater sports car to a new dimension, which, in its zero-emission version, has been designed “from the inside out”. The new model will set a new benchmark for the entire range, raising power to 460 kW and 1,000 Nm of maximum torque.

The AC Contra Series 4 electric delivers continuous torque of 500 Nm and has a 54 kWh battery that guarantees 199 miles of autonomy (although with the driving that this car encourages, it will be challenging to achieve that mark).

The desired AC Cobra 378 Superblower MkIV, transformed into a zero-emission compliant car, stops the cone in just 3.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. AC Cars defines its electrified proposal as Super Stealthy, Super electric Superblower.

Perhaps for some people, these figures are not so surprising compared to a Tesla Model S Performance or a Porsche Taycan turbo 4S, like the ones that ForoCchesElectricos published last weekend. But the secret weapon of fun, which only the AC Cobra can provide, lies in a weight that does not reach 1,190 kg.

“Losing excess weight brings positive benefits to the car owner. Lower overall weight reduces power consumption, allowing the batteries to offer greater range and driving the car at the traditional high standards of AC speed and acceleration, which the brand has achieved for many years.”

An electric ‘boom’, where the driver sits practically on the rear axle, will transport future owners to a driving experience that only true classics of a time can offer. If this is added to the enormous sensation generated by the continuous and linear acceleration of electric cars, we could be facing a sublimation of the most extreme sportsmanship

On its YouTube channel, AC Cars have published a video where the car’s acceleration capacity is reflected, which puts on stage the true essence of the purebred sports cars of a time, in a zero-emissions version. It is important to remember that zero-emissions should not be confused with zero emotions.

The brand aims for the electric AC Cobra Series 4 to be “a significant milestone in achieving emission-free excellence.” According to Alan Lubinsky, the man whose vision, drive, and energy have sustained AC Cars for nearly a quarter of a century, “The march of extraordinarily efficient electric AC Cobras is now accelerating.”

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