Tesla Prepares to Break Sales Record with Model 3 in Q4

Tesla recently carried out a restyling to its most popular model, Model 3. After more than three years on the market, the electric sedan has received improvements such as new optics, a redesigned center console with a sliding hatch, a heat pump, laminated windows, new wheels, a wireless charger for smartphones, USB-C connections, motorized boot lid, and chrome-free exterior finishes.

Also, the versions manufactured in Fremont have received new NCA cells of Panasonic origin with a 5% higher energy density. Simultaneously, the Standard Range Plus RWD variant sold in Europe, now comes from Giga Shanghai and incorporates LFP cells of CATL origin. Initially, the loading times of the entire range should have improved thanks to these changes.

Everything seems to indicate that Tesla will take advantage of this update to reinforce the vehicle’s deliveries worldwide. This fits with recent reports that Elon Musk, the company’s chief executive, aims to end the year with a production and delivery record and more than 500,000 units manufactured in all of 2020.

Tesla usually reinforces its deliveries at the end of each quarter, so we can expect December to be a brilliant month for its main markets (the United States, China, and Europe). Not surprisingly, the Model 3 is today, the best-selling electric car in the world, with a demand that still exceeds the brand’s production capacity.

Initially, the first deliveries of the revamped Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor Performance will occur in five to seven weeks, just in time for the final sprint. The Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWDs are already being delivered, while the Model 3 Long Range Dual Motors will still have to wait a couple of weeks.

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