Renault and PSA to Abandon Diesel Engines in 2025

For years, French brands were the leading champions of diesel, as demonstrated by dCi engines’ proliferation at Groupe Renault and HDi at PSA (Peugeot-Citroën). However, times are changing, and now both companies have decided to bet everything on electrification, announcing their diesel engines’ end by 2025.

Renault will replace its dCi range (which has already been hit hard by the latest emissions regulations) with its e-Tech hybrids and its e-Tech Plug-in hybrids, which are already reaching its most popular models (Clio, Captur, and Megane). Next to join will be the newly introduced Arkana SUV coupe and the second-generation Kadjar compact SUV. Also, the company will continue to bet strongly on its 100% electric range, currently led by the best seller ZOE.

Guilles Le Borgne, Renault’s new Director of Engineering, affirms that the current generation of dCi engines will be the last: from now on, the diamond firm will focus its efforts on the electrification of its range. On the other hand, he has also added that from 2025 all gasoline models will have to hybridize to varying degrees.

For its part, PSA has confirmed the halt of the development of its diesel engines through Laurent Blanchet, Peugeot’s product manager. The executive affirms that electric cars’ rapid evolution in the coming years justifies this decision, announcing a total commitment to hybrids and pure electrics.

“The progress that will be made by 2025 in the field of autonomy and the efforts regarding the installation of charging stations will allow fleets to switch from diesel to electric.” Furthermore, Blanchet promises that the Peugeot network will be responsible for explaining to its customers the importance of charging plug-in hybrid models, which, according to some studies, almost always circulate with dead batteries.

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