The U.K. Advances the Ban on the Sale of Diesel and Gasoline Cars to 2035 and Includes Plug-in Hybrids and Hybrids

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Transportation indicated that as of 2035 diesel cars, gasoline, and hybrids could not be sold. But to the surprise of many, they have also included plug-in hybrids in the veto which cannot go on sale after this date.

This news is a warning to manufacturers that in 15 years only electric cars can be sold in the country, in addition to models equipped with a hydrogen system. The British authorities have added that this objective is not fixed and that if possible, it probably will be advanced if technology and the market allow. On the one hand, experts indicate that it could facilitate the expansion of investments of brands such as Jaguar-Land Rover or Nissan in their factories located in the country. At the same time, they risk that other groups, such as BMW and its Mini factory, decide to abandon their production and take it to other countries.

From the influential Association of British Motorists (AA), it has been indicated that these measures have the support of most drivers as they are intended to reduce polluting emissions. At the same time, it considers the new objectives “incredibly challenging,” and wonders if the power grid will be robust enough to support a large fleet of electric vehicles in 15 years.

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