Nissan LEAF Named Best Used Electric Car Choice

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The site is a useful educational tool for people who are curious about electrics but want to know more before making a buying decision. In a world where any number of fossil fuel trolls say the most outrageously inaccurate things about EVs — Don’t drive one in a thunderstorm. You might get electrocuted! — the more correct information people have available the easier it will be for them to get over their fear of new technology and embrace driving on electrons instead of molecules.

For organizations like Driving Electric, one way to draw attention to itself is to issue “Best Of….” lists on a regular basis. J.D. Power and Associates has raised this to a high art, handing out awards like “Best Mid Priced Small Car For Grocery Shopping On Tuesdays” and the like. The latest Driving Electric 2020 Awards — now in their second year — are out and they are a compendium that covers every type of car with a battery you can think of.

Read The Full Article On: Cleantechnica

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