Chinese Tesla Model 3 Battery Pack Has A Lot of Free Space

A team of Chinese mechanics has embarked on the adventure of seeing what is inside the battery of the Tesla Model 3 that is manufactured in their market. Some works have revealed great surprises in the first published photos, such as the free space that the car still has.

According to comments on Chinese social networks, we do not know what version it is, but it is a Standard version equipped with LG cells.

This would mean that the Korean manufacturer’s cells would have achieved a significant improvement in terms of energy density, which would have as a result that at least between 30% and 40% of the space in the pack is still free.

If confirmed, the result is that in the space where Tesla now manages to accumulate 55 kWh for the Standard version, it would not be difficult to accommodate up to 90 or 100 kWh. Something that would mean on paper that the autonomy of this version reached over 466 miles.

This would undoubtedly be an essential blow on the table for a Tesla that, on the one hand, works to improve the autonomy of its vehicles, but also to improve its prices. Something that he hopes to achieve in the first case with the use of the most competitive batteries on the market, such as LG’s, while the price question will attack him with the cheap lithium-ferrophosphate batteries that CATL produces.

An at least original strategy in an industry where brands tend to sign an agreement with a single supplier or with several of the same type of battery.

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