Passenger Boat Turned Electric with Tesla Battery Packs

Electric boat touring company, Eco Sightseeing, and electric maritime technology company, El & Marinteknik, announced their partnership this week on a mission to develop an electric conversion of a 1943 passenger boat to cruise the English Royal Navy.

According to the companies the boat, named Sylvia, will become “the first all-electric passenger boat powered by ‘second life’ Tesla batteries.”

Using salvaged modules from two Tesla Model S battery packs, the two companies were able to achieve a new 190 kWh battery pack for Sylvia. The Tesla batteries will feed an 85 kW electric motor:

Elias Nilsson, Eco Sightseeing founder, said Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg inspired the project (translated from Swedish): “No one is to small to make a difference” the founder Elias Nilsson started the company in 2019. “I wanted to accelerate the development of sustainable shipping in close urban waters. In Stockholm, there has been talks of converting commercial vessels for many years. Talk and talk but nothing has happened. I believe now is the time for action.”

Furthermore, the companies suggests that the boat will be able to sail for 14 straight hours before requiring a charge. No timeline was given for operation.

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