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Mystery EV Prototype Spotted in Missouri

With a whole slew of new electric vehicles set to launch over the next year, we can bet that prototypes will begin being spotted testing on a regular basis. The most recent was seen in Kansas City, home to one of GM’s assembly plants, where a new electric SUV prototype was been spotted.

A Tesla owner spotted the prototype in Kansas City, Missouri this week and was able to capture a few shots thanks to his Teslacam:

With the absence of an exhaust pipe, it seems pretty likely that the prototype is in fact an electric vehicle. However, the heavy camouflage leaves a lot to the imagination as far as what manufacturer it came from, or what it really is even. We do know however that Ford and GM both have operations and assembly factories in Kansas City. Additionally, GM has several new upcoming electric SUV on its EV roadmap, most of which sit on the Cadillac brand. We will just have to wait and see as we may be getting ahead of ourselves and the prototype could not be a Cadillac at all.

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