VIDEO: New Mercedes-Benz Prototype Spotted in Germany

A prototype of an upcoming all-electric SUV from Merceds-Benz was spotted and can be seen in a video courtesy of walkoARTvideos. With the company’s plans to launch at least 10 fully electric vehicles by 2025, this is almost certainly one of them. 

It isn’t clear if this is the next-gen EQC or the larger EQE, but it is definitely a prototype for an upcoming all-electric SUV from the company. As stated in the video description the prototype is about the size of Mercedes’ mid-size GLE. The uploader also states in the description “The EQC has only been around since mid-2019 – it is unclear why a new generation will be tested by then.” Adding the question “Is it an EQE SUV?” 

See the video below:

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