Electric Vehicle Development by Kawasaki

Electric motorcycles are already a reality, and big brands are showing their weapons. Kawasaki may be one of the next to reveal their news in this segment.

Just over a year ago Kawasaki showed their concept model in two videos. In the first, the brand explained the concept of a Ninja and how its changing riding styles work. There is already a second video made to show the evolution of the brand’s models and the other items in which Kawasaki operates. It shows an even closer version of the production model that clearly shows what it represents for the future of the brand and what it intends to put on the streets.

The batteries can be changed, as we can see on small electric scooters, but the squad has not confirmed the specifics about them. Earlier this year, Kawasaki teamed up with other two-wheel giants such as Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki to work on developing electric motorcycle batteries.


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