Tesla to Invest in Gigafactory 5 in Texas

Tesla plans to continue expanding the facilities of Gigafabrica 1 and Gigafabrica 3. In addition, the firm has already begun the works for what will be its fifth plant: the Gigafactory 4 of Berlin, which will produce cars (initially Model Y will be manufactured, which will then be followed by Model 3 and three other models still unknown) and battery packs for the European market. Both the Chinese and German factories will have their design centers, which will be complemented by the current Hawthorne center.

Despite this very rapid expansion, it seems that this is not enough for the brand, as Tesla intends to add a sixth factory. Tesla, which has renamed Gigafactories 1, 2, 3, and 4 as “Giga Nevada,” “Giga New York,” “Giga Shanghai,” and “Giga Berlin,” is studying the construction of “Giga Texas” that is, Gigafactory 5.

This news has been confirmed by Elon Musk himself, executive director of Tesla. The company would like to take advantage of Austin’s growing technology industry, where it already has a team working on the development of the Autopilot, to build a factory. Although it did not give details in this regard, this plant may be responsible for producing the Cybertruck pick-up, because today the Fremont factory is saturated. However, recently the Model S and Model X passed to share production line.

Texas is currently one of the states that prohibits the direct sales model of the Californian company. However, this may change due to the possible opening of Gigafactory 5 in the vicinity of Austin.


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