Sono Motors will Need 200 Million Euros to Start Production

Sono Motors, the German startup has been struggling to launch the first reasonably priced electric and solar car on the market. Recently, it has held a series of meetings with its customers and fans, to which it has answered the main questions about an attractive project that faces significant challenges to reach the market.

Those responsible for Sono Motors have confirmed s in these meetings that the work to have the prototypes ready continue despite the high cost of having each one prepared, which is estimated to represent an investment of 1.2 million euros per unit.

Sono Motors is finalizing the first tests’ organization with these prototypes closer to what will be the production model, and which will take place during the first quarter of 2021 through a European tour.

They expect to have ready up to 30 prototypes that will be used in addition to driving tests, endurance tests, crash tests, and the necessary approvals to certify the start of production at the end of 2021 the first deliveries in early 2022.

Despite the long development process, there will be no battery changes for now. Sono Motors has confirmed installing a 35 kWh pack, which gives it a range of 156 miles according to the WLTP cycle. That’s enough for everyday operation, for example, commuting to work and avoiding excessive weight.

Simultaneously, they do not rule out that those who choose to purchase with a rental battery may later replace it with a higher capacity one. Something that is currently being studied in a model that, as we recall, will cost 25,000 euros with battery ownership, and that accumulates 12,500 reserves.

If there will be news, it will be in one of the main arguments of Zion. Its system of photovoltaic panels integrated into the body. Here the manufacturer has indicated that the production model will have more efficient and advanced plates that will improve their contribution to the battery charge, which is currently 93%, and that they are working to increase.

A solar technology that has already raised the interest of other manufacturers who have signed agreements with Sono Motors to use it in their vehicles.

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