Tesla Announces $25,000 EV Arriving in 2023

During its long-awaited “Battery Day”, Tesla has not only limited itself to presenting various innovations in the field of batteries but has also given details of its future range of models. Some of the most exciting news has undoubtedly been the confirmation of an affordable model’s launch in just three years.

With a price target of $25,000, this “Model C” or “Model 2” (unofficial names) will allow Tesla to enter a much more competitive market sector: mid-range electric cars.

It is interesting to remember that recently Elon Musk declared that the design and development center of Giga Berlin, Tesla’s new European factory, could be in charge of creating a compact electric car specially designed for the local market. If this movement is confirmed, we will find ourselves facing a formidable rival for models such as the Nissan LEAF or the Volkswagen ID.3, belonging to the C segment.

However, we cannot lose sight that the company is also recruiting designers for the Giga Shanghai design and development center, with the production of a model focused on the global market being confirmed in the Chinese factory. Who will eventually develop the $25,000 Tesla: Giga Berlin or Giga Shanghai?

This is not the first time that Elon Musk has mentioned his intention to market a Tesla more affordable than the Model 3, but until now, a timeline or price target had never been set. “It is essential to make it affordable. What bothers me the most about where we are now is that our cars are not affordable enough. We need to fix that.”

This model’s low price will be possible thanks to the company’s new batteries and its effort to reduce the manufacturing costs of the packs. Another interesting point is that, according to Musk, the vehicle will be completely autonomous, which means that it will have the FSD pack (Full Self-Driving or “Total Autonomous Driving Capacity” from the beginning.

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