Why Tesla’s Cybertruck is More Affordable than its Electric Pickup Competitors

Tesla’s much anticipated Cybertruck has a starting price of $39,990 and comes with a claimed range of 250 miles. Compared to Rivian’s R1T starting price of $69,000, the Cybertruck seems like a bargain. 

There are many reason why other manufacturers will not be able to compete with the affordability of the Cybertruck, one of which is the absence of paint. Paint is a major manufacturing component that Tesla has managed to completely eliminate with the Cybertruck. Without the cost of expensive robots to perform the paint job, and less time spent on the production process, the Cybertruck’s price is able to be reduced.

In addition to the lack of paint, the minimalism of the Cybertruck body plays another factor. The Cybertruck has an exoskeleton structure meaning there is no skeletal structure inside. Most modern day vehicles get their curvature and smooth lines via expensive body stamping dyes. Where as the Cybertruck’s exterior is its skeleton made up of 30X-Cold Rolled steel resulting in the electric pickup being dent proof and scratch proof.

Furthermore, with the new Cybertruck comes a new battery. According to several research patents, the California based company is planning to increase charging cycles, improve energy density, and decrease battery degradation in its new electric batteries. According to a Reuters report, Tesla will bring down the current $153 per kWh price to $100 per kWh.

With the Cybertruck receiving an average of 5,873 orders daily and over 650,000 pre-orders already accounted for, there is no question of demand. Customers are undoubtedly excited to get their hands on this new emissions free pickup complete with military-grade equipment and the speed of a luxury sports car.

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