Tesla Starts Off Battery Day with Powerpack Price Cut

Battery Day is upon us and with it Tesla has slashed the price of its Powerpack battery system by 27%.

Tesla’s Powerpack hasn’t received much attention lately with the introduction of the company’s bigger Megapack stealing all the spotlight. Tesla still makes the Powerpack as it is still utilized in Electrify America’s charging stations, among other commercial projects.

Tesla revealed the price of its Powerpack through its new commercial solar configurator last year, with a price of $172,000 which includes a commercial inverter. Now Tesla has updated it’s pricing showing the Powerpack at a starting price of $125,000.

Including the expensive commercial inverter and excluding incentives, the price cut brings the cost of the system down to $539 per kWh. When adding additional Powerpacks to the same inverter system, the price per kWh goes down. 

All on the heels of Tesla’s Battery Day where the company is expected to reveal new batteries later today.

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