Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E Finally Seen Side by Side

Simon Wong, Model Y owner, blessed us with the first known pictures of the Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model Y side by side. Possibly one of the biggest duels between EVs in 2020, the two EVs are finally seen squared up with one another. 

In addition to the recent tweets from Wong, the Youtube channel Everything Tesla Model Y made a video based on Wong’s picture. The Model Y and the Mach-E are easier to compare in terms of size thanks to the video and pictures. Both ranges of the EVs are presented along with charts to compare them in more detail. See the entire video below:

According to Wong, the photographs were taken in Waterloo, Ontario where both cars were charging. The video gives us an idea that this location is the outside of Ford’s Research and Development Center, where Ford is probably testing it’s chargers, as Level 3 charging is currently free for all-electric vehicles in the area.

The charts confirm that the Model Y is slightly larger than the Mach-E aside from the wheelbase. Ford’s is 3.2 inches longer than Tesla’s. With this extra space it would be hard to imagine the Mach-E wouldn’t have more leg room for occupants in the backseat. However, much to our surprise it doesn’t. The Mach-E actually provides more hip and shoulder room in the front seats as well as the back.

The charts also highlight Tesla’s focus on efficiency. Regardless of the fact that the Model Y weighs more and has a smaller battery pack, it still has a longer range than the Mach-E despite it’s large pack. However we must remember that the Mach-E still makes the cut to have the federal tax incentive of $7,500. An incentive that could be enough to sway potential buyers in Ford’s direction.

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