Honda Partners with CATL to Produce Batteries for its Electric Cars

Honda has partnered with CATL to produce batteries for its electric cars. This agreement supposes not only a conventional supply contract, but Honda will enter CATL’s shareholding with minority participation. Just 1%, but it represents a very significant step from the symbolic point of view that serves as an example of the new direction the brands are taking.

In addition to the economic exchange, Honda and CATL will form a joint venture that will aim to unify forces and knowledge for the development of new batteries and improve current ones. All to be competitive in an increasingly crowded market.

Honda and CATL have confirmed that they would develop battery technologies and work on developing battery recycling. An element usually little treated by manufacturers focused on increasing capacity and raising funds for its rapid expansion.

This agreement comes when car manufacturers and battery manufacturers are joining forces in the search for an electric future. As an example, CATL itself, which is developing or supplying batteries to brands such as BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Tesla, will also add Honda to its ever-expanding customer catalog.

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