VIDEO: A Glimpse of Tesla’s New Casting Machine

Tesla’s new casting machine, which is said to be the world’s largest, can be seen thanks to a new drone flyover video posted to Youtube by user Gabeincali. The Next Avenue reported last month that the California-based company’s Fremont factory was receiving  what is said to be the world’s largest casting machine. So big in fact, it  couldn’t be built inside the factory. Instead the company opted to assemble it outdoors and build a roof over it.

In a new drone flyover of Fremont factory we are able to see more than ever before, catching a glimpse of the new casting machine with parts that it had apparently produced.

The parts seen look to be rear subframes for the Model Y electric SUV which would line up as the Model Y has seen some significant casting improvements. Far different than the Model 3, the Model Ys rear underbody is built up with just two cast parts.

The advancements have been applauded by many, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that it wouldn’t stop there. The goal is to make the entire rear underbody in one single part and other bigger cast parts following the installation of the new casting machine at the Fremont Factory.

Check out the entire flyover below:

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